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Domingo Liz

Domingo Liz, sculptor, painter and illustrator, was born in Santo Domingo on September 11, 1931 and died on February 14, 2013.

He graduated in 1949 from the National School of Fine Arts and received special guidance of the sculptor Manolo Pascual. From 1950-1953 he studied painting as a graduate student of Jaime Colson. A founding member of the group "Projecta" in (1968).

He presented his first solo exhibition in 1971 at the then Gallery of Modern Art, now the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo. He has received awards in the National Arts Biennial and in the Eduardo León Jimenes competition, the two mahogany carvings Origin I, Origin II, were winners in the second contest of 1965.

Liz is regarded as one of the glories of national art. A man of great artistic conscience and a wide experience of life that knew how to develop his creative vocation while his work as an educator, who served for 42 years at the National School of Fine Arts and for 28 years at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo.