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Amber with Fossilized Flowers Unearthed in Dominican Republic

Raulin Rodriguez at La Boom - April, 4, 2014

Elsa Núñez - Dominican Artist

Urbanda at Arena Lounge - April 11, 2014

Los Hermanos Rosario @ Arka Lounge - March 30, 2013

El Varon de La Bachata @ D'Classico Lounge - April 12, 2014

Jorge Pineda: Dominican Artist

Celeste Woss y Gil — Dominican Artist

Raúl Morilla, La Vega (1972)

María Montez Returns To The Big Screen

El Varon de La Bachata at Gran Mar de Plata on April 13, 2014

Santa Bárbara de Samaná - Recorriendo con Salvador

Guillo Pérez: Dominican Artist

14 Dominican DJs You Should Know

Raulin Rodriguez Live at Holy Spirit, March 23, 2014

Joe Veras & El Varon Live at San Judas, March 23, 2014

Constanza: The Next Great Tourism Destination

A Garden for Juan Pablo Duarte Square in New York City

Abel Martinez Wants To Make Education More Affordable

Los Rosarios Live At Mamajuana Cafe Queens on March 29, 2014

The Fight For Loma Miranda In Dominican Republic

Google Doodle Celebrates Dominican Independence Day

Secretary of State John Kerry wishes Dominican Republic a Happy Independence Day

20 Dominican Actresses You Should Know