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DJ Lobo And His Amazing App

The house party has gone through three redifining improvements in the last fifthteen years, which have made it easier and more affordable to entertain at home, freeing up more funds for booze.

The first, late 90s, cheap cds and cheap desktops/laptops with a cd burner. A combination that allowed us to create hundreds of personal groovin playlists.

The second, early 2000s, mp3 players, and more importantly the iPod, which freed us from having to spend money on cd packs, cd pouches and sharpie markers. An expensive investment which paid off on the first dreary subway ride with it.

And the third, late 2000s, the DJ App, which have removed the process of listening to hundreds of tracks to figure out which one should go where. And let's not forget, not having to keep up with the latest top 40 list.

Apps in general, have revolutionized daily life. Whether you're looking to grab some grub, check movie times, get the latest news updates or hail a cab ride, there's an app for everything.

And one particular DJ, which goes by the name of DJ Lobo, to the delight of New Yorkers, and especially the Latino community, has made his app a central focus of his career, with constant track updates and useability improvements.

DJ Lobo, of Dominican descent, was born and raised in Queens, New York. He began his professional career as a dj in the early 90s at the age of 15. Since then, he has played in every major Latin club in New York, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

In 2000, Lobo took over the Friday and Saturday night spot on Latino Mix (105.9FM), in New York. "His contagious style of mixing and hyping the crowds over the airwaves became contagious, extending his radio programming to a daily show during afternoon drive called Traffic Jam.”

Five years later, he would join the #1 Spanish Radio station in the United States, WSKQ 97.9FM La Mega, in New York City.

In 2010, DJ Lobo released the first version of his app. Like most app, it was plagued by many bugs and glitches, but the ever growing list of crowd moving tracks has made it one the most popular and downloaded app of its kind with more than 750,000 downloads on Android and more than 400,000 downloads on iPhone/iPod devices.

The app lets you cue your favorite mixes for non-stop partying, share and comment, and even save tracks for offline listening. But the one feature which sets the app above the rest of its kind, is the inclusion of tracks by many of New York City's most notable and rising club djs, such as DJ Flipstar, DJ Kass, DJ Precise and DJ Spanky.

The Latino community is the official target audience of Lobo's app, with the most popular genres being Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Reggaeton. But the app also features Hip-hop, Freestyle, House (5th most popular), R&B and Spanish Rock. Making it a very versatile app for all types of parties.

The expansive list of tracks which grows larger each week, makes Lobo's app a dream come true for house parties and summer BBQs - you get one of the most popular New York djs, minus the price tag.

Download DJ Lobo for iPhone | Download DJ Lobo for Android

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