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Clara Ledesma - Maternidad

Tania Marmolejo - Even With All That I Know

Gerard Ellis, running with the bulls in 2015

Rolo Ledesma - Comic Book Sketches

Julia Virginia Pimentel - Jazz, Fishes and Carnaval

Evelyn Yege - Mutations

Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez

Art Week in Review - October 25, 2015

Rosalba Hernandez - Neighborhoods

Elisa Feliz - Comic Book Covers & Illustrations

Ricardo Wagner - Dreams, and Organic Illusions

Aram Musset - Apples

Parmelia Matos - Green Design

Oscar Abreu - Mujer con Rolo

Judith Mora - Bathers, Mermaids and Angels

Art Week In Review - October 18, 2015

Eladio Fernandez - Reflections

Moro Studio, evolving comic culture in Dominican Republic

Firelei Báez - Bloodlines, at the Pérez Art Museum Miami

M. Tony Peralta - Hispanic Heritage Month tees

Paula Saneaux - Precio: Los Zapatos y las Carteras

M. Tony Peralta - Doña con Rolos

Eladio Fernandez - Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Art Week in Review - October 11, 2015

Chiqui Mendoza - Ritual Art

Enrique Cerda - 2015 Houses with Personalities

Verde, que te quiero fría - exhibition at Centro Leon

Poteleche - Drawings with Everyday Objects

Poteleche - Mega Munny, Florencio

Pascal Meccariello - Mega Munny, The Species Collector

Jose Almonte - Incoming and outgoing

Jorge Pineda - Red Ink Pen Drawings

Raúl Morilla - Claustro para el Edén

Week in Review - October 4, 2015

Orling Domínguez - Drawing by the Pound

Jorge Güigni - Images of Carnaval

Daisy Ferrer - Cacti, Flowers and Sunsets