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Artist Spotlight: Thelma Leonor Espinal

Artist Spotlight: Wilson Abreu

Red Moon, White Moon, by Iris Perez

El Baca, by Ada Balcacer

Artist Spotlight: Gompich Jose

Solo Stepdance, by Felix Berroa

Unsuspected Muse, by Benjamin Cruz

Curious, by Felix Esteban

Colmadero, by Wander Matos

Landscape, by Candido Bido

A Faun watching his beloved, by Ramon Oviedo

Artist Spotlight: Ramon Rincon

Below the Flamboyan, by Pilar Asmar

Artist Spotlight: Mariojose Angeles

Artist Spotlight: Angel Jimenez

Our List of Artist from the Dominican Republic has been updated!

The Mermaid and the Butterfly, by Niurka Guzman