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The Couple, by Silvano Lora

New York landscape, by Celeste Woss y Gil

The Four Seasons, by Luz Severino

Portrait of Rafael de Marchena y de Sola, by Alejandro Bonilla

Portrait of Pipe Faxas Canto, by Amable Sterling

The Fisherman's woman, by Soucy de Pellerano

Rafael Arzeno–collection of works

Huellas del tiempo (Traces of time), by Rut Mabel Herrera Ruiz

Artist Spotlight: Franz Caba

Portrait of a black man, by Luis Desangles

Artist Spotlight: Jose Ramon Rotellini

The 11th, by Ramon Oviedo

Cibao, by Hilario Rodriguez

Artist Spotlight: Bertica Garcia

Kites, by Jacinto Dominguez

Transmutation, by Elsa Núñez

Artist Spotlight: Jorge Silvestre