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Tiana y Ariel, by Roberto Rubiera

The port of Santo Domingo, by Alejandro Bonilla

Boat People, by Jose Garcia Cordero

Motherhood, by Nidia Serra

The Student, by Delia Weber

The Last Landscape, by Delia Weber

Rural Landscape, by Noemi Mella

Portrait of Mirella, by Nidia Serra

A dog dreams he is a dog, by Maritza Alvarez

Workers, by Martin Santos

Dialogue at the bar, by Ramon Oviedo

Young Girl, by Tomasina Tapia

The mirror of reality, by Angel Hache

A dog in Paradise, by Jose Garcia Cordero

Death, by Edison Montero

Emma Compres, artist from Moca, Dominican Republic

Renzo Oviedo Weber (1957–2015)

Ramon Peralta, artist from Santiago, Dominican Republic

Raining Feeling, by Miguel Hernandez

Girl with a Dove, by Candido Bido

Profile of a Woman, by Ramon Oviedo

Portrait of Ana, by Jose Rincon Mora

Mourners of the Caribbean, by Dario Suro

Luis Desangles (1861–1940), Artist from Santo Domingo

Mayra Castillo-Velez, Artist from Santo Domingo

Fernando "Tuto" Baez (1895 - 1960)

Artist Spotlight: Jhosy Jimenez

Landscape and River, by Carolina Cepeda