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Jauría (Dog Pack), by Jose Pelletier

Colorful scene by Candido Bido

Kenia Brea, multidisciplinary visual artist

Naive art from Adalberto Noble

Boy's house, by Nathalie Ramirez

Bananas, by Teodulo Silfa Casso

Untitled 2016 works, by Indhira Hernandez

View from Habitación Victoria, by Hulda Guzman

Portrait of Natalia Ortega Gamez, by Gustavo Peña

Gerard Ellis, new artwork for 2016

Marchanta, by Gilberto Hernandez Ortega

Blue vase with dahlias, by Yoryi Morel

Huma, by Jaime Colson

Untitled, by Ramon Oviedo

Astral and Ecological World (series), by Elsa Núñez

Gabriel, by Rosa Tavarez