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Garage Figueroa, by Melchor Terrero

Dreams Achieved, Ana Virginia Berrido

Hunting Season is Always Open, by Gerard Ellis

Pollination 23, by Mariojose Angeles

Aroma of the Valley, by Patricia Mano Tolentino

The Hummingbird, by Nervin Pepen

I want to play with you, by Ana Virginia Berrido

Still life with lemons and oranges, by Gustavo Dominguez

Butterflies, by John Pozo

Black Ant, by John Pozo

Sad Portrait, by John Pozo

apparatus, by John Pozo

unknown world, by John Pozo

A Point in the Universe, by Monica Ferreras

Taller de monse, Barcelona, by Miguel Valenzuela

Global Warming, by Rosa Tavarez

Stories from Paradise, by Doris Rodriguez

In the tavern, by Yoryi Morel

The Altar, by Lucia Mendez

Bull Fight, by Johanny Gomez Paulino

The Tuscan Hills, by Niurka Guzman

The Kitchen, by Reynaldo Duran

Illustration for a book by Nervin Pepen

The Crazy Donkey, by Ramon Oviedo

Enigmatic Car, by Ramon Oviedo

One step at a time, by Alexandra Bello Espinal

Like canned sardines, by Jose Sejo

Abstract paintings by Karla Matos

Palo encebado (Greasy Pole), by Claudio Pacheco

Dreadlocks Girl by Welinthon Nommo

Happy Julia by Melissa Mejía Rizik

Ligio Vizardi - Female Nude

Domingo Antonio Rosario - The Home Stretch

Johann Dovente - Mural of the goddess Atabeira

Edison Montero - Liborio Mateo mural in San Juan de la Maguana, DR

Wilson Abreu - The Chicken Thief

Omar Molina - Unwavering will

Gerard Ellis at Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery NY

Candido Bido - Merchant Girl

Rafael de Lemos - Trapped in the memory of an angel

Ricardo Toribio - The Dance for life