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Gilberto Hernandez Ortega: Portrait of Jocelyn

Candido Bido: Portrait of a woman

Jorge Noceda: Harlequin Fantasy

Mariojose Angeles: Murmur of the Barrancoli

Paul Giudicelli: A black sun in the white night

Rolando Cortorreal: Discovering America

Rolando Cortorreal: At the foot of the stairs

Franz Caba: Gravity

Nery Matrille: Contaminated

Wilson Abreu: The painter swallowing darkness and shiting light

Untitled painting, by Jorge Noceda Sanchez (1931-1987)

The Dancer, by Paula Saneaux

Handmade Chocolate, by Niurka Guzman

Bailando Merengue, by Raul Recio