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New (2017) watercolor from Juan Carlos Reyes

Indhira Hernandez Castillo, The Others

Felix Brito, An Imaginary Portrait of a Girl

Sebastian Cepeda: Saturn

Estancias Placenteras, by Jose Garcia Cordero

Roberta Seravalle: Dark Thoughts

Niurka Guzman: The Goddess of the Sea

Narcizo Rodriguez - Projection 2012

Fernely Lebron: Eva in ecstasy

Yoryi Morel: A peasant brewing coffee

Angel Jimenez: The prison of habits

Yoel Bordas: Blue Smoke

Alma Peguero: A New Bird

Iris Perez: The Night & The Fireflies

Pilar Alejandra Asmar: Holy Spring

Felix Berroa: The country girl