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Paula Saneaux - The Room, 2017

Paula Saneaux - The Minutes, 2017

Jaime Colson - Deux têtes d'enfants, 1941

Jaime Colson, Untitled

Yocelin Ramirez: Identity

Franz Caba: Monument

Nicole Castellanos: Colors in between

Lizette Nin: The elusive muse dissipating in paradise

As if it were that easy by Digno Roa

The Tobacco Vendor by Celeste Woss y Gil

My Freedom by Juan Rodriguez

The Dream by Jaime Colson

Metamorfosis by Leandro Gonzalez

TRAPPIST-1e by Frank Lara

The Marina, Yoryi Morel

Hitchcock was here, by Milena Ferder

Where are we going?, by Dahianna Blanco

Fantasy, by Mario Grullon

My Crows, by Rosaly Martinez

Your Violence, by Carlos Veras

Santo Domingo All Star, by Wali Vidal

Orlando Menicucci, Night Force

Calvario 3, by Rosaly Martinez

But you are with me, by Johanny Gomez Paulino