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Johanny Paulino - I am your spoiled girl, 2017

I am your spoiled girl (Soy tu Niña Mimada), by Johanny Berenice Gómez Paulino (Santo Domingo, 1992).

Oil on canvas, 40x40 inches, completed in 2017.

Milciades Marrero - Where will we end up?, 2017

Where will we end up?, by Milcíades González Marrero (El Seibo, 1984).
Oil on canvas, completed in 2017.

Randy Encarnacion - Feeling the beats of Nature, 2017

Feeling the beats of Nature, by Randy Michel Encarnación (Santo Dominigo, 1992).
Oil on canvas, completed in 2017.

Abelardo Urdaneta - Duarte, 1890

Portrait of Juan Pablo Duarte, by Abelardo Rodríguez Urdaneta (1870-1933).
Oil on canvas, 24x30 inches, completed in 1890.

Jaime Colson - Untitled work from 1939

Untiled painting by Jaime Colson (1901-1969).
Gouache on paper, 18x26 inches, completed in 1939.

Kenia Brea - The Bullfighter, 2018

Bullfighter (Matador), by Kenia Brea (1965, Sanchez Ramirez, Dominican Republic).
Completed in 2018.

Jaime Colson - Man with pipe (1928)

Man with pipe, a painting by Jaime Colson (Puerto Plata, born 1901, died 1975).
Oil on wood, 11x13 inches, completed in 1928.

Paula Saneaux - Water (2017)

Water, a painting by Paula Saneaux (Santo Domingo, 1981).
Acrylic on Canvas, 24x30 inches, completed in 2017.

Covering cowardice with sacrifice, by Rafael de Lemos

Acrylic on canvas, 58 x 49 inches, completed in 2018.

Full title: He would not be the first to cover cowardice with sacrifice (No sería el primero que encubre la cobardía con el sacrificio).

Luis Galarza, artist from Pedernales, Dominican Republic

Mutant Embryos, oil on canvas, 30x45 inches, completed in 2009

Lost within a poem, oil on canvas, 30x40 inches, completed in 2010

Turbulence of a dream, oil on canvas, 24x36 inches, completed in 2010
Luis Galarza (b. 1970), is from Pedernales, Dominican Republic. He is a graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo.