Submit your work to Dominican Art Blog

We welcome submissions of artwork (paintings, drawings, collages, sculpture, photography) to share with our audience on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — following the guidelines below.

  • Artist must be of Dominican descent (born in the Dominican Republic, or of parents born in the Dominican Republic)
  • Must include date of birth, and city of birth
  • JPG or PNG images of artwork must be high-definition.

Send all files to our email below. In the body of all emails please include: artist(s)’s name(s), venue name, exhibition title, and opening and closing dates of the exhibition. The name and email address of someone to contact with any questions.

Submissions for our blog and YouTube

To submit your artwork for posting on our blog and short video please follow the guidelines below.
  • MUST include short bio (120 words or more) with city and date of birth
  • MUST submit a minimum of 10 works, JPG or PNG images of artwork must be high-definition.

Upcoming exhibitions

Submissions for an upcoming exhibition or artwork series; please send all photos, dates, location and artist statements to my email address above ⇧.

I will try my best to respond promptly.